Magnetic clamp Neomicro 10.039" x 5.118" x 1.929" (5 3⁄25" x 10 1⁄25" x 1 15⁄16")

Permanent magnetic clamp Neomicro 255 x 130 x 49 mm
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Steel plates width (mm) 1.4
Length 10.0 in
Clamping force (N/cm2) 100
Brass plates width (mm) 0.5
Height 1.9 in
Weight 28.7 lbs
Width 130
Weight 28,665
Steel plates width (in) 0.055

Supplementary letter

Chuck design

  • A firm pole plate with transversal poling. Poling span is 1.4 mm in steel and 0.5 mm in brass.
  • Long lifetime (re-grinding limit): 7 mm.
  • High clamping force 100 N/cm2.
  • Firm steel base with a robust switching mechanism enable clamping without product deformation.
  • All movable components are water-tight.

Fastener use

  • Precise grinding of small and thin, as well as big and robust components.
  • Recommended minimum product dimensions 4x4x1 mm.
  • Using also for EDM.
  • Very good safety – the high clamping force guarantees a firm product attachment even in cases when the fastener surface is fully utilized.
The package includes
  • Rear and side stops
  • Set of fasteners
  • Socket head spanner

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