Self-adhesive magnetic foil / sheet A4, th. 0.06" (3⁄50")

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Material Magnetic foil does not serve as a magnetic board for magnet attachment. There is too low iron content for a usage like this.
Temperature resistance -22 °F - +158 °F
Weight (g) 350
Colour black with self-adhesive layer
Thickness 1.5
Surface treatment with self-adhesive layer
Format A4 (297 x 210)
Warning The magnetic foil attaches to metal objects (fridge, car, shelves…) with magnetic force. The magnetic foil DOES NOT serve as a magnetic board – the magnets will not hold well on the foil. If you wish to attach magnets, use a flexible magnetic board.

Supplementary letter

A question: "I need a magnetic foil for a production of small magnets to be used on fridges. I miss here an information about the load-bearing capacity."
MAGSY answer: "Hello, the tear-off force (i.e. the load-bearing capacity) of this magnetic foil is 68 g/cm2

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